Teesside at Christmas was set up as an official charity in 2021. It is run by the following Trustees who despite having specific roles, all contribute to the annual success of Teesside at Christmas jointly.

Mike Fairbrother, Founder & Chair
Head of Management, Funding & Day-to-day Operations

Mike, our Founder & Chair, wears multiple hats as he oversees Management, Funding, and Day-to-Day Operations. His leadership and commitment are the bedrock of Teesside at Christmas, ensuring that our charitable efforts are efficiently managed, well-funded, and able to make a positive impact on a daily basis.

Teesside at Christmas began as a humble gesture to give back, but it quickly blossomed into a powerful force for change. The work we’ve accomplished, fueled by the generosity of our donors, has transformed Christmas into a time of hope and joy for countless individuals. I couldn’t be more proud of our journey.

Mike Fairbrother, Founder & Chair

Gemma Fairbrother, Trustee (Secretary)
Head of Drop-off Day Logistics

Gemma, in her role as Head of Drop-off Day Logistics, takes charge of the intricate details that make our donation collection days a success. Her meticulous planning and keen organisational skills ensure a seamless flow of contributions, making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve during the holiday season.

Christmas is a season of magic, and I’m on a mission to share that enchantment with everyone. I firmly believe that every child deserves the joy of unwrapping a gift on Christmas morning. It’s the little gestures that create immense joy. Collaborating with my husband at Teesside at Christmas fills me with pride as we strive to make this magic a reality for our community.

Gemmma Fairbrother, Founder & Trustee

Dean Richardson, Trustee (Treasurer)
Head of Compliance and Finance

Dean plays a pivotal role at Teesside at Christmas as the Head of Compliance and Finance, ensuring that our operations align with regulatory standards while managing the financial aspects of our charitable endeavors. His dedication helps us maintain transparency and sustainability in all our initiatives.

Christmas is always a time of year close to my heart and Teesside at Christmas is an excellent cause and one that I am proud to be part of. My wish is that we can help as many families in need as possible at this special time of year.

Dean Richardson, Trustee

Permanent Volunteers

We are blessed to have the support of some wonderful individuals who give their time to support Teesside at Christmas. We cannot thank them enough.

Seren Fairbrother, Operations
Seren has been an integral part of the team since our inception. As the charity started as a family venture, Seren was always keen to get involved from the offset and proudly still supports the charity today. Seren’s work during collections and drop-off day is invaluable and helps ensure our operation runs smoothly.

Sarah Richardson, Social Media
Sarah is instrumental in keeping our social media active and ensuring everyone receives a response. Helping to keep the whole team informed of incoming enquiries and ensuring that those needing a reply, get one as soon as possible.

Denise Keane, Operations
Denise started with us a year after our inception and brought a wealth of knowledge of the supermarket sector, using her contacts and brilliant customer service skills, Denise was able to successfully ensure we received the necessary support from supermarkets across Teesside. She’s also instrumental in supporting our operations during drop-off day and loves to keep everything organised.

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