Teesside at Christmas was set up as an official charity in 2021. It is run by the following Trustees:

Mike Fairbrother, Founder & Chair
Management, Organisation & Planning, Day-to-Day Running, Funding

Teesside at Christmas started as a small way to give something back, it soon turned in to something much bigger and I couldn’t be prouder of the work we’ve done, with the help of all those who have donated. we’ve made christmas a very different time of year for so many from day one.

Mike Fairbrother, Founder & Chair

Gemma Fairbrother, Trustee (Secretary)
Social Media, Organisation, Admin, Chief Wrapper

Christmas is a magical time of year and i want others to experience that magic too and i believe that every child should have at least something to open every year. the smallest of things can make the biggest difference. i’m proud to work with my husband at teesside at christmas.

Gemmma Fairbrother, Founder & Trustee

Dean Richardson, Trustee (Treasurer)
Compliance, Finance, Organisation & Planning, Project Management

Christmas is always a time of year close to my heart and Teesside at Christmas is an excellent cause and one that I am proud to be part of. My wish is that we can help as many families in need as possible at this special time of year.

Dean Richardson, Trustee


We are blessed to have the support of some wonderful individuals who give their time to support Teesside at Christmas. We cannot thank them enough.

Barry Andrew, Lead Developer
Barry is the developer for our platform that is utilised in 2022 onwards for the organisation and management of donations.

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