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Teesside at Christmas started as a modest group on Facebook, aiming to help a few local charities at Christmas with shoeboxes that we had put together ourselves and from generous donations from our friends and family.

The group soon turned popular with others in the community and before we knew it, Christmas had arrived and we’d donated over 400 shoeboxes, plus food and bags full of toys, clothes and so much more to several local charities. It’s anticipated that we eventually helped over 500 individuals and families, possibly even a lot more!

In 2021, we became a registered charity and decided to grow our appeal and we are dedicated to doing the same appeal, every year – with plans for a huge website! we rely on donations from the public to allow us to provide for those less forunate at Christmas time.

For now, we are happy to do this manually with the support of locals and local businesses. We are very fortunate to have such a kind, caring, and giving community.

We believe that no-one should have nothing to open on Christmas day, to feel like no-one cares or to not experience what so many of us are fortunate enough to experience on christmas day. we cannot help everyone, but we can help some and we were happy in the knowledge that our last appeal meant that at least 300 people received a gift they would’ve ordinarily not received on christmas day.

Please feel free to browse around our website, but the majority of our posts and updates are added directly to Facebook as it’s the best place to share information with our community.

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Our headquarters are in Redcar, but we operate across Teesside - anywhere with a TS postcide.

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