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Welcome to Teesside at Christmas, where our journey began as a modest Facebook group with a big heart. Initially, we set out to support local charities during the festive season by creating shoeboxes filled with love, thanks to donations from friends and family.

Our impact quickly grew, as we donated over 400 shoeboxes, along with essential supplies like food, toys, and clothing to multiple local charities. It’s estimated that we touched the lives of over 500 individuals and families, if not more.

In 2021, we registered as a charity and expanded our mission, making our comprehensive website an integral part of our annual work. This platform allows people to see the needs of others and easily register their donations. To make this possible, we rely on the generosity of the public.

For now, we continue our efforts with the support of our wonderful community, both individuals and local businesses, who contribute in invaluable ways.

Teesside at Christmas is a testament to the incredible impact a dedicated team can have when fueled by unwavering commitment. Our community’s generosity knows no bounds, and together, we light up the lives of those in need, spreading the warmth of the season far and wide.

Mike Fairbrother, Founder & Chair of Teesside at Christmas

Our belief is simple but profound: no one should wake up on Christmas day without a gift, feeling unloved or left out. While we can’t assist everyone, we take pride in making a difference in the lives of some. Our previous campaign brought joy to at least 300 people who might have otherwise gone without.

Feel free to explore our website, where you can now actively participate in our mission by registering your donations and helping those in need.

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Our headquarters are in Redcar, but we operate across Teesside - anywhere with a TS postcode.

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